Soccer on Tuesday 5, February at 21:00

→ Organized by Prestù

Open soccer match
21:00 → 22:30
Fabrice Valtancoli Won't be there
Arnaud Sueur Won't be there
Mathieu Person Won't be there
Nono Maybe
fmb Maybe
FLo Has been invited
Charles Has been invited
Bastion Has been invited
Rouzé Vincent Has been invited
FRANK RIOS Has been invited
Damian Rojas Has been invited
Borodino Has been invited
Videira32 Has been invited
Justplay Has been invited
Mounir E. Has been invited
hamza88 Has been invited
Ismail89 Has been invited
Arnaud Sueur

30/1 12:27

Je serais au ski Bon match !


30/1 12:35

Salut les gars. Il nous manque 2 joueurs pour un match ce vendredi à nanterre à 18h15. Qui est partant? Prix 12 euros pour une heure.


30/1 12:52

Hello, Pas dispo mais merci pour la proposition ;)


30/1 14:16

Pas dispo non plus Mounir, mais merci si tu as d autres match n hésite pas !

Mathieu Person

31/1 11:16

Je ne suis pas sur Mantes la semaine prochaine, bon match !


01/2 11:54

Bon match les potos !

Damian Rojas

03/2 16:38

Dispo si manque qq !

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This match is over

This match was played on the Tuesday 5 February at 21:00