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Soccer on Thursday 7, December at 20:00


Via Gozzano Guido 60, Padova
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20h00 21h00


Calcetto del giovedì Memorial Luca & friends


ratta luca
paolo (added by ratta luca)
massimo (added by ratta luca)
profff (added by ratta luca)
matteo (added by ratta luca)
cesare (added by ratta luca)

2 not available players

Matteo Massaro Check Won't be there
Giacomo Svaluto Moreolo Won't be there
Ferigiacomo Won't be there

2 invited players

Enrico Has been invited
Zlatan Van der Kierkegaard jr. Has been invited


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This game is over

This game is over

This game was played on the Thursday 7 December at 20h00

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This game is over