Footinho allows you
to play football nearby

Footinho is a free website that allows you to organize friendly football games and helps you find players nearby. On both public and private fields, play football easily!

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Footinho Screenshot

Footinho Screenshot

Easily organize your football games

No need to call 15 friends anymore !, invite them in 1 click or by SMS. Your friends indicate directly on Footinho if they will attend or not.

Playing on both free and paying fields

You can organize football games on free fields - there are everywhere ! But also on paying fieldss.

Find new players

You are missing one player ? You are alone ? Organize or join in a game with your Footinho friends, or with players you have met during previous games.

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Oscaro Oscaro

They play football with Footinho :

Before discovering Footinho, I used to spend 20 calls or more to try to organize a football game...

Michael - organize games with his friends

I don't want to play in a football club, with all the restraints it implies... Thanks to Footinho, I only play when I decided to !

Alex - Football addict