Matteo Massaro Check

Soccer player at Padova, Italy

Matteo Massaro Check

Padova, Italy
31 years old
Favourite position: Midfielder

100 Games played on Footinho
116 Games organized on Footinho

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His friends

Has played 0 Games
50 years old Padova
Ruggero Innocente
Has played 27 Games
32 years old Padova
Has played 70 Games
31 years old Padova
Marco Rabboni
Has played 54 Games
41 years old Padova
Has played 80 Games
37 years old Padova
Nicolò R9
Has played 23 Games
25 years old Polverara
Has played 19 Games
25 years old Padova
Has played 0 Games
36 years old Fontaniva
Federico G
Has played 1 Games
29 years old Padova

Favourite fields

Campo da definire
13 Games played on this field
2 invited
Couver Tennis Padova
1 Games played on this field
0 invited
Vertigo Sport Center
1 Games played on this field
0 invited
89 Games played on this field
3 invited

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