Soccer on Wednesday 16, May at 21:00

→ Organized by Jeanmarie texier

Open soccer match
21:00 → 22:30
Jeanmarie texier Won't be there
AB Won't be there
Clem Won't be there
Armelinho Won't be there
marcthibault Won't be there
Souillard François Won't be there
Star-Lord Has been invited
allouard Has been invited
Gurvanovitch Has been invited
CTanguy Has been invited
Julien35 Has been invited
kali caillo Has been invited
Tom@ Has been invited
Yo Boulic Has been invited


Jeanmarie texier

14/5 19:12

Désolé je suis de garde. Et y a finale quand même !!!


14/5 20:30

Idem !


15/5 14:15

a mon tour de devoir passer la main...

Jeanmarie texier

16/5 11:40

Je passe en open mais sans grande conviction

Jeanmarie texier

16/5 18:44

Bin les gars j'annule. Bon match de Marseille

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This match is canceled

This match is canceled

You can't join this match because it was canceled.

This match is canceled