Soccer on Thursday 4, April at 20:00

→ Organized by Michel Darda

Open soccer match
20:00 → 22:00
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Robot Assistant

03/4 20:00

The game is in only 24 hours and you are still missing some players. Come on everyone! Who can find some players for tomorrow?

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04/4 18:33

Je peux venir ce soir ou déjà trop de monde??

Delgrande joined the match

Michel Darda

04/4 18:53

Inscris toi

Michel Darda

04/4 18:53

Non tu es toujours bienvenue

Michel Darda

04/4 18:53

Ah c’est fait… Nickel

Julien joined the match


04/4 19:37

J'aurai 10/15 de retard

Remy Brunier

04/4 19:38

10/15 metres de retard sur moi.
Il arrivera quand meme plus vite que moi

Kick-off : match is starting

Robot Assistant

04/4 20:00

Whistle Blow: Your Match Starts Now!

Robot Assistant

04/4 22:00

The match is over! What did you feel? Write it here in the chat.

The match is over

Romain Darda

05/4 08:56

J'ai récupéré des chaussures coq sportif noires

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This match is over

This match was played on the Thursday 4 April at 20:00