Soccer on Saturday 25, November at 11:00

→ Organized by Arnaud JACQUOT

Open soccer match
11:00 → 12:00
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23/11 19:48

C'est mal engagé 🤔, on est que 3 pour le moment...

Clément Rivoalen

23/11 19:54

Oui c’est un peu juste … 😬

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23/11 21:32

allez on y crois 😀

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24/11 11:00

The game is in only 24 hours and you are still missing some players. Come on everyone! Who can find some players for tomorrow?

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24/11 13:01

super on est bon pour demain ! Je reserve. Pas de desistements hein 😉


24/11 16:07



25/11 10:33

Bonjour, c’est réserver à quel nom le terrain ?

Kick-off : match is starting

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25/11 11:00

Whistle Blow: Your Match Starts Now!

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25/11 12:00

The match is over! How was it? Don't forget to Vote for the Man of the Match!

The match is over

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26/11 11:00

The match is over! What did you feel? Write it here in the chat.

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26/11 11:00

Anthony LG Was Chosen as The Man of The Match! Applause for him everybody!

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This match is over

This match was played on the Saturday 25 November at 11:00