Soccer on Sunday 24, September at 09:30

→ Organized by Simious

Open soccer match
09:30 → 11:30
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Robot Assistant

23/9 09:30

The game is in only 24 hours and you are still missing some players. Come on everyone! Who can find some players for tomorrow?


23/9 17:53

J'ai un joueur Antoine mais j'arrive pas a l'inscrire

Simious has blocked a spot for Antoine


23/9 18:54

C’est Petar qui a le sac et les clés. Vous êtes 10 pour le moment, donc ça joue.

Zoum left the match


23/9 19:51

9 du coup zoum nous a quitté


23/9 21:14

Foot pas foot?


23/9 21:32

Vous avez pas 1-3 joueurs les gars ? Demandez vos amis


23/9 21:33

Je coupe à 22h si pas de 10e


23/9 21:51

J'ai un joueur Alexandre


23/9 21:56

Tu peux le rajouter ?


23/9 22:03

Parfait bon match

Simious has blocked a spot for Alexandre

The match is full : a waiting list is now available

Kick-off : match is starting

Robot Assistant

24/9 09:30

Whistle Blow: Your Match Starts Now!

Robot Assistant

24/9 11:30

The match is over! How was it? Don't forget to Vote for the Man of the Match!

The match is over

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This match is over

This match was played on the Sunday 24 September at 09:30