Soccer on Wednesday 22, November at 19:00

→ Organized by Wad

Open soccer match
19:00 → 21:10
LHassan Removed
Badr Removed
Wad Won't be there
T@r١ck Has been invited
Mourad Has been invited
Zak95 Has been invited
Brigan Has been invited
InGhazy Has been invited
Mounirho Has been invited
Kev971 Has been invited
Haythemjb Has been invited

Wad has blocked a spot for LHassan

Wad has blocked a spot for Badr

raphael joined the match

Max Cady joined the match


20/11 19:03

Désolé ce match va être annulé

Wad left the match

Wad has removed the player LHassan

Wad has removed the player Badr

Wad cancelled the match

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This match is canceled

This match is canceled

You can't join this match because it was canceled.