Soccer on Sunday 26, June at 19:30

→ Organized by Alexandre Caputo

Open soccer match
19:30 → 21:00


@Charles (added by Alexandre Caputo)
@Seb (added by Alexandre Caputo)
Hicham (added by Mourad)
Yanis (added by Abdel Messalti)

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21/6 08:19

Dsl alex pas dispo

Mourad joined the match


21/6 08:47

Dsl pas dispo ! Bon match

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The match is full : a waiting list is now available

Alexandre Caputo

24/6 08:17

Tout le monde tjrs ok pour dimanche?


24/6 08:46



24/6 08:46

Avec hicham


24/6 11:34

Je serai là

Abdel Messalti

24/6 19:39

C'est peut-être un peu tôt pour la confirmation😅mais nous confirmons.

Alexandre Caputo

24/6 20:58


Morad joined the waiting list

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26/6 10:10

Hello, je vois qu'il y a de la liste d'attente. Je laisse ma place. Bon match

Morad automatically added to the match from the waiting list

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Alexandre Caputo

26/6 12:51

Tjrs bon pour ceux qui ont pas rép?


26/6 13:02


Alexandre Caputo

26/6 13:26



26/6 14:48



26/6 16:33

Present moi et hicham

Bastion left the waiting list

Alexandre Caputo

26/6 19:10

Terrain 3

Kick-off : match is starting

The match is over

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This match is over

This match was played on the Sunday 26 June at 19:30