Open Foot on Tuesday 10, September at 18:30

→ Organized by Team Soccer Park

Open soccer match
19:30 → 21:00


Team Soccer Park Won't be there
Jef Won't be there
Prakson Won't be there
Víctor Has been invited
Gregorinho Has been invited
Hamid bk Has been invited
Yazid Has been invited
Ihm78 Has been invited
Ali Has been invited

09/9 09:07

Salut Prakson merci pour l’invitation je suis déjà sur un match à 20h30


09/9 09:52

Désolé, je me suis emmêlé les pinceaux dans mes horaires de fin de journée...;-(

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This match is over

This match was played on the Tuesday 10 September at 19:30