Soccer on Thursday 6, June at 19:00

→ Organized by Ali

Open soccer match
19:00 → 20:30


Mohamed (added by Ali)
Quentin (added by Ali)
Riad (added by Ali)
Mohamed az (added by Ali)
Antho (added by Ali)
Bruno (added by Ali)
Amine (added by Ali)
Zinedine (added by Ali)
StartNess Won't be there
Titoss Won't be there
Nordine Has been invited
Víctor Has been invited
Nshuit Has been invited
Quentino Has been invited
Prakson Has been invited
Yazid Has been invited
Abdel Messalti Has been invited
Enes Has been invited

06/6 12:40

Désolé pas dispo ce soir


06/6 12:40

Merci pour l’invitation Je joue déjà ce soir


06/6 12:42

Pas de soucis ayoub ca marche Antoine 😉


06/6 18:30

Bonjour si désistement je suis la

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This match is over

This match was played on the Thursday 6 June at 19:00