Soccer on Tuesday 8, January at 21:00

→ Organized by Reno

Open soccer match
21:00 → 22:30


Michaël (added by Reno)
Adri (added by Reno)
Yann (added by Reno)
Geoff (added by Reno)
Ludo (added by Reno)
Dany (added by Reno)
Marco (added by Reno)
Brian (added by Reno)
Jürgen (added by Reno)
Team Soccer Park

08/1 00:24

Salut les gars Personne n'a réservé?? Il n'y a de la place qu'à partir de 21h30


08/1 02:00

Le match est déjà réservé

Team Soccer Park

08/1 07:25

A quel nom tu l'as réservé?


08/1 08:12


Team Soccer Park

08/1 08:29

Super À Ce soir

Team Soccer Park

08/1 16:06

Et c'est 12 euros pas 11 ;)

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This match is over

This match was played on the Tuesday 8 January at 21:00