Soccer on Wednesday 14, February at 19:00

→ Organized by MehdiBenj

Open soccer match
19:00 → 20:00
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Fred Piple

13/2 13:59

Salut, désolé, je me suis un peu blessé hier,. J'ai mal aujourd'hui et je ne sais pas comment je serai demain... Du coup je préfère annuler et laisser ma place

Samy marseille left the match

Robot Assistant

13/2 19:00

The game is in only 24 hours and you are still missing some players. Come on everyone! Who can find some players for tomorrow?

VV joined the match

VV joined the match

MehdiBenj has blocked a spot for Hicham


14/2 16:53

Salut, y'a moyen de s'inscrire pour le match ?

YassPewPew joined the match

The match is full : a waiting list is now available


14/2 17:09

Salut oui donne moi ton numéro stp

Kick-off : match is starting

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14/2 19:00

Whistle Blow: Your Match Starts Now!

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14/2 20:00

The match is over! How was it? Don't forget to Vote for the Man of the Match!

The match is over

Votes for the match of the match are open

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15/2 19:00

The match is over! What did you feel? Write it here in the chat.

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15/2 19:00

Tonton Mathieu Was Chosen as The Man of The Match! Applause for him everybody!

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This match is over

This match was played on the Wednesday 14 February at 19:00