Mohamed Taieb

Soccer player at Marseille 15, France

Mohamed Taieb

Marseille 15, France
18 years old
Favourite position: Défender

7 Games played
0 Games organized

His friends

Slimani Ronny
Has played 41 Games
35 years old Septemes-les-Vallons
Toutendji Logan
Has played 72 Games
21 years old Septemes-les-Vallons
Has played 37 Games
26 years old Septemes-les-Vallons
Toutendji Aurélien
Has played 78 Games
18 years old Marseille 15
Bordier Benoit
Has played 28 Games
19 years old Vitrolles
Has played 47 Games
20 years old Marseille 13
Baaby Johnson
Has played 1 Games
24 years old Marseille 15
Yanis Kaabouri
Has played 23 Games
17 years old Marseille 14
Kaabouri Mejdi
Has played 44 Games
24 years old Marseille

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