Soccer player at Paris, France


Paris, France
117 years old
9 Games played
9 Games organized

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His friends

Has played 60 Games
28 years old Athis-Mons
Has played 13 Games
26 years old Flins-sur-Seine
Nico ppz
Has played 15 Games
27 years old Carrieres-sous-Poissy
Has played 54 Games
27 years old Versailles
Has played 22 Games
30 years old Carrieres-sous-Poissy
Has played 2 Games
31 years old Cachan
Has played 9 Games
49 years old Boulogne-Billancourt
Has played 55 Games
36 years old Les Mureaux
Ben Mzakker
Has played 7 Games
34 years old Paris 17 Batignolles-Monceau

Favourite fields

Le Five La Chapelle
55 Games played on this field
2 invited
Soccer Park Poissy
1143 Games played on this field
6 invited
Urban Soccer Meudon
29 Games played on this field
1 invited
Urban Soccer La Défense
62 Games played on this field
0 invited

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