jose da silva

Soccer player at Tourcoing, France

jose da silva

Tourcoing, France
117 years old
13 Games played on Footinho
7 Games organized on Footinho

His friends

Romain IRACI
Has played 2 Games
32 years old Croix
Has played 1 Games
23 years old Faches-Thumesnil
Has played 12 Games
26 years old Loos
Domingues Sam
Has played 3 Games
34 years old Houplin-Ancoisne
Has played 10 Games
117 years old Loos
Ribeiro Bruno
Has played 5 Games
28 years old Wattrelos
De passos rafael
Has played 6 Games
20 years old Sainghin-en-Weppes
Has played 4 Games
46 years old Faches-Thumesnil
Has played 2 Games
34 years old Loos
Da silva Roberto
Has played 7 Games
38 years old Tourcoing
Has played 6 Games
39 years old Lille
Ferreira Stéphane de l' Ouzbékistan
Has played 6 Games
41 years old Wasquehal
Filipe Sousa
Has played 0 Games
19 years old Tourcoing
Has played 8 Games
16 years old Wavrin
Domingues Joël
Has played 5 Games
34 years old Lille
Mehdi boubziz
Has played 0 Games
117 years old Roubaix
Florian Da Silva
Has played 2 Games
17 years old Wasquehal
Vande casteele
Has played 1 Games
27 years old Roubaix
Maxime Villain
Has played 1 Games
23 years old Lys-lez-Lannoy
Mikas muller
Has played 5 Games
31 years old Drancy

Favourite fields

Kipstadium Tourcoing
60 Games played on this field
0 invited

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