Soccer on Friday 5, April at 21:30

→ Organized by Foued57

Open soccer match
21:30 → 23:00


Bonne ambiance, bienvenue aux nouveaux, niveau assez bon et intense physiquement.
Ça se passe au sunset soccer 37, rue du traité de Rome à Mions.


Abdenour (added by Foued57)
Nordine (added by Foued57)
Xavier (added by Foued57)
Aurelie (added by Foued57)
Younes (added by Foued57)
Ahmed (added by Foued57)
Cédric (added by Foued57)
Karim (added by Foued57)
jeremie jacquemin Has been invited
Marvin D. Has been invited
Mathieu fraslin Has been invited


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This match is over

This match was played on the Friday 5 April at 21:30

This match is over